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Guatemala Lago

Tasting notes: milk chocolate, creamy body, citrus, nutty

Lago is a farm owned by Juan Perez Tay in Lake Atitlan. The farm starts at 1,650m and spans up to 1,800m with a mix of varieties of Caturra and Bourbon. The coffee is milled at the TG Lab Nueva Esperanza mill, where it is depupled, dry fermented and washed then patio dried for 10-18 days. Since TG Lab started working with Don Juan Perez, the quality improved with the processing methods applied at Nueva Esperanza.

Don Juan Perez came across this farm which had been abandoned, and began cultivating the coffee. He is well known in the area and many neighboring coffee farmers work with TG Lab to drop their cherry off at the Nueva Esperanza wet mill.

Region: Lago

Growing Altitude: 1,650m - 1,800m

Variety: Arabica, Caturra, Bourbon

Milling Process: depulped, dry fermented, and washed then patio dried for 10-18 days