For us, Wholesaling our product means so much more than just selling pounds of coffee. It’s about having a relationship with the people who will prepare the coffee we roast.





Wholesale Ordering Info


Orders placed before 10am on Monday will be roasted Tuesday & shipped on Wednesday.


Once your order ships via UPS, your invoice and tracking info will be emailed to you.

If you’re interested in bringing our world-class coffee into your cafe, restaurant or hotel:

Contact us Mon–Fri 9am-5pm  / 469-387-6289  /

*our wholesale platform is currently powered by Blue Cart.


What We Offer


Barista Training
Workflow Management

Installation & Maintenance

Build-Out Consultation

Menu Planning

    Equipment Installation & Maintenance

    World class coffee is best represented when prepared on world class equipment. Not only can we get you that equipment at a great price, our technicians are qualified to handle your equipment installation and preventative maintenance needs.


    Barista Training

    We work closely and continually with you and your staff to fully understand coffee preparation, latte art, tea extraction and bar workflow management.

    We operate three cafes in the DFW area and understand what it takes to prepare coffee in a high volume setting without compromising quality. We offer customized training to fit the needs of your staff and can tailor your coffee program to fit the space you are in.

    If you haven’t already, please visit one of our locations to taste our coffees and get a glimpse into how we run our coffee program.



    You can reach us at 469-387-6289 or